CMG Construction LLC. is serious and committed about safety and regulatory compliance.  Our employees and our clients request, require, and deserve a safe working environment for their work day.  From the employee experiencing their first day on the job to the seasoned and experienced, CMG empowers each individual to monitor, advise, and halt a job task if necessary to insure a safe working environment.  Under the guidance of the Safety Manager, CMG and its affiliated companies have developed a successful safety culture.  It is our mission to send EVERY individual on EVERY work site home EVERY night safe and secure.  We insist on it and our families insist on it.  To do this, CMG has a comprehensive safety compliance policy of which a few key elements are listed below:

  • Pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and return to work drug testing.
  • Weekly jobsite toolbox meetings in conjunction specific work activity Jobsite Safety Analysis (JSAs).
  • Frequent jobsite evaluations by the Safety Manager and project assigned management team(s).
  • New employee task and equipment evaluation training.
  • Continuing safety education/training.

CMG Construction has consistently achieved an EMR rating well below 1.0.  Refer to the following for past years’ EMR ratings.

  • 2011:  0.69
  • 2012:  0.70
  • 2013:  0.74
  • 2014:  0.80
  • 2015:  0.76
  • 2016:  0.67