Tippet Rise Arts Center, Absarokee, MT – CMG and DOWL were selected as the Design-Build Contractor by a non-profit organization to provide multiple engineering services and construction services to support a world-class arts and music center located in the Beartooth Mountains on a 10,260 acre working ranch. This project was a fast track project and communication between the Owner, Designer and Contractor was key for the successful completion. Daily communication with the Contractor, Designers and Owner was necessary in order to relay the information to the field in order to keep the project schedule on schedule and minimize potential impacts as much of the design was completed concurrent with construction.
CMG provided preconstruction services to DOWL and the Owner in order to complete engineering services for a music hall, residences, guest housing, and dining hall. Services included roadway and drainage design; survey, LiDAR, georeferenced aerial photography, potable water designs, septic system designs, site designs (geotechnical investigations, site drainage, and site surface), and 3D modeling and structural design and coordination of Owner contracted subcontractors and suppliers. Adequate staffing needs were identified early to ensure resource availability and commitment.
The project included multiple aspects related to buildings located on steep hills and near a pristine stream. The designs are incorporated into the natural terrain to provide hidden parking areas, infrastructure components (water storage, emergency power generation, solar power, and maintenance equipment), buildings, preserving the views available from the project site. CMG and DOWL retrofitted existing gravel roads to include drainage considerations and designed new road alignments to withstand traffic loads and drainage impacts. The property is located in mountainous terrain, which required soil stability considerations along a majority of the road alignments. DOWL’s drainage division coordinated closely with CMG and the transportation division to ensure that roadway drainage culverts were placed in all necessary locations to ensure optimal drainage during the design flood event. DOWL processed photogrammetry data for the entire 10,260-acre site to develop a model for the design. CMG constructed all civil improvements and coordinated and supported installation of Owner furnished artwork. The Owner expanded the initial $1.9 Million contract scope to the eventual $4.3 Million GPM value as the vision of the project grew. As a team we worked well together making sure that all monies were spent efficiently, and that the Owner’s vision was met. The project was completed within budget and on schedule.

Tippet Rise Art Center
Project Type(s):
Heavy Civil and Specialized

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